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My Services

Individual Counseling is a joint process in which you and I will work together to establish treatment goals based upon the unique struggles that compelled you to seek support. I work with those struggling with anxiety, depression, life adjustments and transitions, grief and loss, poor self care, and low self acceptance.  During our work together, you may explore feelings, beliefs and behaviors that might be interfering with your ability to live your life with more emotional and mental calmness.  It may serve you to challenge long held maladaptive thoughts and behaviors.  Counseling  can be a bumpy journey, and painful at times.  It requires you  to work outside of the session to try out new behaviors and new ways to think about how best to live your life in a values oriented way.  

As the saying goes, "if nothing changes, nothing changes."

I would welcome the opportunity to partner with you in your journey. 

As a mother of four, motherhood is something I know well, from the not so good parts to the joys that cannot be defined by words. Since 2011, I have focused much of my clinical work toward new moms and moms of new infants as they transition roles and grow in their new identities.   Oftentimes an event that you look forward to with such joy and excitement can ultimately be fraught with feelings of fear, anxiety and depression.  It can be overwhelming, and reaching out can be difficult because, after all, you are pregnant or just had a new baby and you are "supposed" to be glowing.  This simply is not the reality for many of us as we experience pregnancy or bring home baby and settle into new routines. If you are currently pregnant or have recently given birth and are struggling, please know that you are not alone, and I would be honored to support you in your journey.

Many experiences related to our childbearing years are oftentimes taken for granted by those who have not experienced them.  If you are struggling with infertility, or have experienced a pregnancy loss, and need a safe place to explore and experience your feelings, I applaud your courage to reach out, and appreciate that you might consider me for your counselor.

I am qualified to provide clinical supervision to those pursuing licensure in North Carolina as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor.  The requirements are found at North Carolina Board for Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors.  My fee is $75.00 for each one-to-one supervision hour.  I offer a complimentary session in order for us to meet and determine if we would be a good fit. Please inquire for more information.

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